2 Steps To a Healthy Spirit Through Nutrition&Detox


Nutrition is the key component to living a healthy lifestyle. Proper eating will significantly reduce risk of chronic disease. Understanding the importance of nutrition is central to health and well being. In partnership with a top nutritionist we have developed a 90 day deprogram/reprogram body detox which works to eliminate toxicity in the blood and promote healing through a total body cleanse, natural remedies and food as a healing agent. 

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Steps to a Healthy Spirit (Nutrition)

· 90 day De-Tox Supplement

· Daily Devotion (Track emotions, feelings and thoughts)

· Teach to be Proactive vs. 


Why Get on the Body,Soul,Spirit De-tox?

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The Benefits of the Body, Soul, Spirit De- Tox:

The De-tox requires you to be on the specific liquid diet for 30 days. There may be some moderations only due to a medical illness. In the first 10 days, there will be physically and mentally difference. 

Purpose of the Body,Soul,Spirit De-Tox:

· Remove all unnecessary storage of toxic in your joints. 

· To Purify your Digestive System And Kidneys 

· Cleans your cells and glands to create a clean blood stream. 

· Keeps the natural elasticity of your skin.

· To Sooth, the irritation and pressure in the arteries blood vessels, and nerves.