Why is physical activity necessary as a whole person?

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B.R.I. targets all ages and stages of life. Physical activities are vital to everyone’s well-being. Studies show that physical activity relieve fibromyalgia, stress, depression, can be a natural mood elevator and help alleviate pain. Increased physical activity is being recognized as an important factor in the maintenance of a healthy brain; physical activity affects your brain function on multiple fronts ranging from molecular to behavioral level. According to a study carried out at The Department of Exercise Science at the University of Georgia, “a brief exercise of 20 minutes can facilitate information processing and memory functions". When you exercise, your body releases hormones which provide a nourishing environment for the growth of your brain cells and encourage the growth of new connections between cells in a wide batch of important cortical areas of your brain and cerebral blood flow. 


The physical activity component of the B.R.I. works with physical fitness and aerobics instructors who have designed programs for each individual with accountability partners to ensure all are supported and encouraged to accomplish their goals.


Saturday’s at 10:00am

· Accredited fitness trainers

· Weekly weigh in

· High and Low Impact exercise routines

· 3-4 Exercise classes weekly

· Transformation Journal